Whether you are upgrading a device, frantically searching for a bag of rice to stick your soaking wet phone in, or wondering where in the world you’ve left your iPad, we all run the risk of losing the data on our devices.

According to Apple’s documentation, all App data is backed up during your normal syncing process with iTunes or with iCloud back-up.

This means that if you restore a device from a previous back up, all of your data will be restored as well.  Don’t wait till you need to restore!

If the data that you are capturing in YouthMinistryTracker MinHub is important to you (which we are pretty sure that it is), then we recommend backing it up regularly.  This can be done over WiFi to your computer or iCloud or through your USB port to iTunes.

The data in the YMT MinHub app is yours.  Take care of it.  

Do yourself a favor and backup regularly.