It’s great to collect data and measure metrics on attendance and demographics, but one of the really great tools is powerfully grouping students based on the data that you collect.

Managed Groups

These are groups where you will hand pick students.  Here’s a short list of potential groups:

  • Desire to serve.
  • Interested in retreat.
  • Worship team.
  • Small groups.
  • Turned in forms.
  • Needs follow up.

Smart Groups

These groups depend on filters to populate the groups.  These can be combined to create some pretty specific groups.  Here are some sample ministry use scenarios and the filters used to create the groups:

Follow up with new students:

  • Student Filter + Date Added // Last Week

Follow up with absent students:

  • Event Filter + Absent // Pick Event Type // Last Week

Invite students to events they don’t attend:

  • Event Filter + Present // Pick Event Type // Forever
  • Event Filter + Absent // Pick Different Event Type // Forever

Students to be called:

  • Student Filter + Texts // No

Students attendance slipping:

  • Event Filter + Present // Pick Event Type // Last 3 Months
  • Event Filter + Absent // Pick Same Event Type // Last Month

Connect with teens on campus:

  • Student Filter + School // Pick School

Follow up with teens you missed on a campus visit*:

  • Student Filter + School // Pick School
  • Event Filter + Absent // Pick Campus Visit Event Type

*This requires you to create an Event Type for the campus that you’re visiting, make an event and check off students that you connect with.  Then you can use that info to see which teens you missed.

If you have a cool use for groups, share it in the comments.