Starting with Version 1.1.1, you can sync your database between your devices using your iCloud account!

One of the key ingredients for this update that we wanted to preserve is the ability to retain the database on your device, make changes without an internet connection, and still sync up changes after the fact. There is no need to download your database from a server somewhere each time you load YMT MinHub.  It is on your device still.  iCloud Sync just pushes the changes back and forth between your devices.  You still own all your data, not us.  It is true peer-to-peer syncing between only your devices through the iCloud server.

If you run into any issues, please check out the iCloud FAQ and Troubleshooting page.

In 2015, we will be adding another layer to the app that will allow multiple users on multiple devices access the same database.  In between now and then, we’ve got lots of updates planned that you can see on our Development Roadmap page.