Connecting Multiple Devices


Empowering staff through decentralizing data is extremely helpful in making ministry happen.




For all youth ministries that extend beyond a small core group, getting data onto multiple devices in a functional and safe way is a top priority.  When we set out to create an app that managed and tracked all of the important data points in youth ministry and created powerful ways to utilize that data, we made sure that each youth ministry would own their own data, not MinHub.

Because of that, the database on your device is only on your device.  We added Dropbox as a way to sync that database across multiple devices that are approved only by the youth pastor that is stewarding the ministry.

Now, with MinHub Youth, no one can get to your data except for you and anyone that grant access to.  But more than that, you’re able to revoke access at any point if a situation arises that merits shutting out access to someone.


Setting Up Dropbox Sync

First off, if you don’t have a Dropbox account set up solely for your youth group, we highly recommend doing that first.

You can get a free account here: Dropbox.com

In MinHub you can setup Dropbox sync in the initial process of setting up the app or in the More > tab under Manage Syncing.

When you tap to turn on Dropbox sync, iOS will kick you over to the Dropbox app or to the Dropbox website where you can sign in, tap to Go, and you can tap Allow to link your MinHub database with Dropbox.

If your device is logged into a personal dropbox account, you’ll want to tap on “Use a different account” to log in with your youth ministry Dropbox account.

Linking New Devices

To link new devices for your staff, we recommend that the youth pastor link the device manually. To get their devices connected to your Dropbox, for security, privacy and liability, please do not share the password. The best practice is to have the staff member hand their device to the youth pastor and have them connect to Dropbox securely.  There is a Dropbox setup tutorial on the Manage Syncing screen if you’d like to see it in action.

If they aren’t signed into Dropbox, you can easily sign into dropbox to allow access to the database.

If your staff member is logged into a personal dropbox account on their device, you’ll want to tap on “Use a different account”

This will kick you over to the website where you can remove their username and password to login with your youth group dropbox account. Make sure you don’t save the password by tapping “Not Now.”

Tap “Allow” to link their MinHub App to your Dropbox account.

Before handing their device back, double tap the home button to switch back over to Safari and tap Log Out.

Linking Staff Accounts

When a new staff member sets up their account, their pending approval will show up on the device of the youth pastor in the Staff tab on the iPad or on the People tab on the iPhone.

Approval is pretty straight forward.  If they are a staff member, you can approve their access and assign roles to them.

Resetting Passwords for Linked Accounts

If for some reason they forget their password, the youth pastor will be able to reset that for them.  They will be issued a temporary password via the youth pastor that will work for their account and allow them to set up a new password.

If the youth pastor needs to reset their password, they will have to answer a series of security questions that they set up in the original creation of the database.

Managing Access

This shouldn’t happen very often, but as a youth pastor with experience, I know that it can.  Somewhere out there you have a volunteer with student info on their device and you (for one reason or another) need to prevent them from accessing the database.

You may never get the device back, but you have the power to shut off their access.

If you tap on More > Manage Staff Access, you will see all of the staff accounts that have been linked to your database.  If you turn off their access at this point, they will not be able to log in to the app from that point forward.

We hope that these situations don’t arise, but we have built this in for the Database Admin to prevent any possible damage should the device fall into the wrong hands or a linked staff member is no longer a part of the ministry.