Empowering Staff in Your Ministry

With staff roles, you can grant or revoke access to every data access point for your staff.



Staff Roles

As ministries scale, there is a natural shift toward empowering adults to care for students and serve in various roles within the ministry. Most of these will be volunteer staff at first, but there is also the chance that paid staff roles will be added within a growing ministry too. We have made it easy to create the roles that make sense in your ministry to assign to your leaders. There are also roles that are specific within the app that grant access or limit access to different functions within the app.

To manage staff roles, tap on More > Manage Staff Roles.

MinHub Roles are specific to the app itself.

Ministry Roles are specific to your ministry and are created for your use. Identifying the roles of your staff is useful for creating connections with students and finding staff that are connected to a student.

Managing Ministry Roles

Tapping on the + symbol will allow you to create new staff roles that make sense in your ministry.

Some examples might be:

  • Worship Leader
  • Youth Intern
  • High School Leader
  • Junior High Small Group Leader
  • Camp Cabin Counselor
  • Etc.

Simply type in the name of the role and tap Done >. Then, tapping on the role will bring up a list of your staff members. Tapping on each staff member that fulfills that role in your ministry will assign that role to their profile.

If you happened to misspell the name or want to change the title, you can edit this field at the top of the screen.

Tapping Save > will finish the assigning process.

Another way to assign ministry roles to staff is in their profile. If you are a People Admin, you can tap on a staff member, tap Roles, and tap the + sign to assign roles to that staff member.

Also, when a new staff member links their device to your database and is approved by the youth pastor, you have the option to assign roles during the approval process.

To delete a ministry role, swipe left on the name in the Staff Roles list. Be very careful when deleting ministry roles. This will remove the role from every staff member that was assigned that role, including connections that were created with students with that role. For instance, if you connect a staff member to a student as their Cabin Counselor and then you delete that role, it doesn’t just delete the role, it will remove the connection altogether.

Managing MinHub Roles

Within MinHub, there are four main Admin roles that can be assigned to staff members, which will give them access to additional features. The purpose of the roles is to limit the accessibility of personally identifiable information of students for liability purposes and to limit the potential for inadvertently deleting, changing, or unnecessarily adding information to or from the database. The admin roles are tied to the functions performed in the different tabs of the app.

To grant or revoke full permission for staff to administrate everything related to each tab, simply tap on More > Manage Staff Roles > and tap on the appropriate Admin row. Checking or unchecking each staff member will grand or revoke permission. By default, the database owner is an admin for every tab and every new staff member is not an admin for any tab.

People Admin

All staff are able to add students, parents and staff to the database. Also, every detail screen is viewable; however, staff that have are granted permission as a People Admin are able to edit people, connect people, and see all personally identifiable information for every person in the database.

Groups Admin

All staff are able to create personal groups that will show up only for them, and they can view any group that is shared and visible to all staff. They are limited in their functions within shared groups that they are not leaders for. Staff can only message students that they are connected to or generate reports for students that they have access to.

Staff that are granted permissions as Groups Admin can create shared groups and create implicit connections between staff and students by adding leaders to groups.

Events Admin

All staff are able to record attendance at events and record ministry moments with students. Staff that are granted permissions as Events Admin can edit attendance for past events, create, edit and delete Event Types, and create, edit and delete actual events.

Database Admin

Granting a staff member permissions for the database allows them to access the range of settings and permissions that are available in the More tab. Since database admin have the ability to assign MinHub Roles, they have the potential of giving themselves permission in any MinHub Role. Be very selective about who you give database administration because they will be able to do anything and everything with it.